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November Equals Pumpkin, Taxonomy Bootcamp and Enterprise Search Summit

By November 5, 2009February 23rd, 2023Taxonomy Management

I looked at the calendar yesterday and the realization that November is upon us hit me pretty hard. With November comes a lot of pumpkin (here is my new pumpkin addiction recipe for this year) and a few speaking spots before i go out on maternity leave (yeah yeah I can’t believe it’s already time either).


Just like last year and the year before i will be attending and presenting at Enterprise Search Summit and Taxonomy Bootcamp which I am really looking forward to. At Enterprise Search Summit West I have been asked to participate on a panel titled “Is Semantic Technology Real?” moderated by Rob Gonzalez from Endeca.

Is Semantic Technology Real?
10:45 am – 11:45 am

Moderator: Rob Gonzalez, Platform Product Manager, Endeca Technologies Michael J. Cataldo, CEO, Cambridge Semantics Daniela Barbosa, Business Development Manager, Dow Jones Client Solutions, Dow Jones & Company Lorenzo Thione, Founder / Principal Program Manager, Powerset / Bing Microsoft, Inc.

Semantic technology is all the rage, sometimes even dubbed “Web 3.0.” However, many people—especially those making technology decisions for enterprises—wonder whether semantic technology has meaningful applications in the enterprise. Based on hands-on experience working with semantic tools, this panel of experts will establish the boundaries between reality and hype and help you understand what enterprises can gain from semantic technology in the here and now.

November Pumkin Synaptica


At Taxonomy Bootcamp, I have been asked to be part of a panel that Wendi Pohs is running titled “From the Lighthouse: Visioneering Taxonomies’ Future which promises to be an engaging panel on the future of taxonomies. I have been in forward looking mode for the last few months so i have been thinking about this subject quite a bit.

From the Lighthouse: Visioneering Taxonomies’ Future
4:00 pm – 5:00 pm Moderator: Wendi Pohs, Chief Technology Officer, InfoClear ConsultingDaniela Barbosa, Business Development Manager, Dow Jones Client Solutions, Dow Jones & CompanyJenny Benevento, Information Architect/Taxonomist, Sears Holding CompanyGia Lyons, Social Business Software Consultant, Strategic Consulting, Jive SoftwareSteve Ardire, VP Strategy & Business Development, Early Stage Semantic Technology Startups

Join Wendi Pohs and this panel of experts as they peer into the future of taxonomies. Each panelist concentrates on a specific area, including semantic management tools, consumer-driven taxonomies, social networking software, and emerging semantic technologies. We’ve asked these speakers to both enlighten and challenge you, so bring your thinking caps and questions.

It is not too late to register and you can use these codes for some discounts- Enterprise Search Registration with SPK5 code and Taxonomy Bootcamp registration with SPK5 code.

My sessions last year featured a Synaptica Case Study at Taxonomy Bootcamp titled “Proquest: Finding a Common Language: Bringing Complex and Disparate Vocabularies” (video available here) and at Enterprise Search Summit a presentation on Centralized Taxonomy Management for Enterprise Information Systems (video available here)

Looking forward to seeing everyone there including the Dow Jones Taxonomy Team (Dow Jones is a KMWorld sponsor note: my speaking spots are not sponsored spots but by invintation of the moderators) and the Synaptica team who are exhibiting and sponsoring Taxonomy Bootcamp

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Note: This post was orginally published on my personal blog: “chitchatting about information delivery”