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SharePoint Connector

Synaptica SharePoint Connector provides a seamless solution for an organization to utilize the taxonomies, thesauri and other controlled vocabularies.

Product Overview

The fully integrated SharePoint Connector available with Graphite KOS allows for the direct export of complete taxonomies and thesauri, including terms, relationships, and term metadata, into the SharePoint Term Store offering:

  • Consistency across multiple applications, including SharePoint, for content tagging, search, and discovery
  • Additional context for SharePoint users by providing information about related terms and term metadata, such as definitions, descriptions, and scope notes
  • The ability to manage taxonomies and thesauri in a purpose built application

The hierarchical structure is automatically reproduced for taxonomies and thesauri imported into the SharePoint Term Store to allow for improved presentation and navigation in the document tagging process.

The use of standards based taxonomies and thesauri within SharePoint provides users with:

  • More intuitive tagging and search options
  • An improved navigation experience
  • The ability to locate content more quickly and easily
  • Ideas for alternative terms to be used for tagging and search
  • A means to get more out of their SharePoint experience

Synaptica SharePoint Connector offers a seamless solution for organizations to enhance user experience by leveraging existing taxonomies, thesauri, and controlled vocabularies across the entire enterprise. This integration simplifies and streamlines the user interface, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.

The SharePoint Connector is available for the Graphite taxonomy and ontology management platform. Implementation and integration support, as well as other related professional services are provided.

Microsoft SharePoint is used by 50% of Fortune 500 Companies with over 100 million users worldwide. 75% of Intranets were built on SharePoint in the last 5 years.

Using a taxonomy management tool is much smarter.
It provides a richer feature set to develop an enterprise taxonomy solution.

Agnes Molnar, Search Explained
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