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Developing Enterprise Taxonomies and Ontologies

This resource section provides concise guides on collaborating, governing, developing, and publishing taxonomies and terminology for enterprises. It covers various aspects of creating and managing taxonomies and ontologies within an organization.


Automate, annotate and analyze your content.

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Design Ontology and Taxonomy Schemes and Rules.

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Manage projects, users, groups and permissions.

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Define workflow processes, controls and reports.

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Import, Edit, Enrich, Crosswalk, Review and Approve

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Integrate with content, Metadata and Search Systems.

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Enterprise Knowledge Graphs

Knowledge Organization Systems Plus Data or Metadata in the Graph

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The Synaptica Guide provides an introduction to ontologies, taxonomies and knowledge graphs. Sections include modelling, collaboration, governance and development.

Terminology & Glossary

Knowledge Organization Systems embrace a number of overlapping and related concepts. In this section we will define the key concepts and explain how they relate to each other.

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Download the full Synaptica Guide

The Synaptica Guide to Developing Enterprise Ontologies, Taxonomies, and Knowledge Graphs

This 3rd Edition updates our chapters on Governance, Publishing, Collaboration and includes an expanded section on Controlled Vocabularies.

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