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Professional Services

Deliver a successful enterprise project.

Synaptica provides a broad range of services to complement our award-winning enterprise software.

Our Professional Services team have decades of experience to ensure the effective roll out of your enterprise taxonomy or ontology project.

Synaptica employ a comprehensive strategy to ensure our solutions address your immediate and future needs.

Key elements include:

Understanding Goals

Asking questions and listening carefully to understand each client’s strategic objectives.

Enhancing User Experience

Working to improve internal and external users’ experiences based on real-world use cases.

Proven Strategies

Providing solutions based on W3C, ISO, and ANSI/NISO industry standards and best practices.

Maintaining Relationships

Partnering with clients to establish long-term relationships to help meet evolving needs.

What We Do

  • Identify all existing vocabularies and uses
  • Determine system integration points
  • Align results with user behaviour
  • Review indexed content and other existing metadata
  • Identify third-party vocabularies that will improve results
  • Recommend vocabulary stratetgies and structures

Synaptica Solutions

What to expect

  • A comprehensive report with an analysis of all relevant vocabularies, systems, and processes
  • Recommendations for how to improve and enhance existing systems
  • Workflow of next steps and resources required
  • Identify tools and support to develop the project

Download our Process Model

The Synaptica Model shows the various stages development and deployment.

Download your copy

... It's important to support our customers throughout all stages of implementing a new Knowledge Organization program. Professional Services are a critical part of making sure they achieve their goals.

Jim Sweeney, Director of Product Management

Discover how to develop your knowledge organization project.

The Synaptica team includes a network of independent thought-leaders with expertise in knowledge management, IA, UX, text analytics, categorization, natural language processing, and search.

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