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The iSchool at San José State University presents a Silicon Valley Success Story

The goal of the project was to help Silicon Valley Startup Redlink develop a new taxonomy of academic disciplines to provide better business intelligence to academic publishers. After evaluating different taxonomy management software options, the team chose Synaptica KMS, a flexible and powerful enterprise solution.

RedLink now boasts the most comprehensive framework for analysis of academic journals and will be able to use the innovative taxonomy created by the team for future product development. We are delighted the SJSU iSchool team chose Synaptica for their taxonomy development system. This project demonstrates how taxonomies help businesses achieve differentiation, and the benefit of academic-commercial collaboration.


RedLink has been associated with the world of academic publishing by providing Business Intellience (BI) solution to a number of publishers across different hosting platforms. It provides a simple, intuitive and user friendly interface to visualize data in a way that enables marketing and sales people to stay on top of their customers’ needs, proactively deal with risks, easily spot opportunities, and grow their business. RedLink Network is the cornerstone of RedLink’s new and ambitious push to solve some of the vexing issues being faced by both the publishers and librarians by streamlining scholarly communication.
Visit the iSchool Website for further information about the project and the success story for Redlink.