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The latest version of Synaptica KMS 7.3 introduces enhanced performance, support for multiple hierarchical pathways. Plus this version includes an add-on module; an ontology publishing suite.

Version 7.3

Synaptica KMS 7.3 introduces numerous new tools and enhancements. These will help you streamline and automate the process of building and deploying taxonomies. These enhancements include:

  • Simplified and improved import process
  • Enhanced performance on term adds and edits
  • Improved performance for tree browse
  • Term descriptor automated rebuild
  • Use of descriptor elements for all object classes
  • Optional term record edit locking feature
  • MyViews custom branding
  • Allow for sub-element display in CSV and Excel output in the hierarchical report
  • New descriptor element display options for alphabetical and hierarchical reports, and MyViews
  • Boolean search options on full descriptor in search and elsewhere
 Synaptica Solutions

Synaptica KMS

Synaptica KMS is an enterprise software application for building and maintaining many different types of knowledge organization systems (KOS), including taxonomies, ontologies and name authorities. It has been scaled to manage hundreds of millions of concepts and relationships and provides users with many innovative editing tools, including automated vocabulary mapping and automatically generated and distributed management reports.

Intuitive user interfaces and rapid system configuration are hallmarks of the Synaptica KMS application. Once the entity and relationship types required for a KOS scheme have been defined, it is possible to configure and deploy a production system in under an hour. Flexible administration tools allow custom schemes, properties and relationship types to be designed and combined with industry standard business rules governing controlled vocabulary management.

Synaptica’s design ethos has always been to listen carefully to our editorial and administrative users and then create user experiences that simplify your day-to-day tasks. Synaptica provides screens and workflows optimized for the different jobs that you do, whether that is rapid term creation, detailed development of each concept’s property set and semantic structure, drag-and-drop hierarchy editing, or the mapping and alignment of multiple taxonomies. Synaptica provides a wide range of options for performing complex tasks with unparalleled ease.

Enterprise taxonomies are often curated by a team of people with different domain expertise and knowledge. Synaptica supports 12 levels of role-based permissions. Users log in through project specific portals that control which taxonomies each user can see and the tasks they can perform with them. Standard and custom workflow states allow for editorial review, QC, and the publication and retirement of terms and taxonomies.

To book a demo of this version of Synaptica KMS and discuss other Synaptica software please do get in touch with the team.