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Thinking outside the box

By September 22, 2008February 23rd, 2023Taxonomy Management

We like to think a bit differently, think outside the box. Both with customers as well as with the use of our own tools, so I wanted to share with you some of the ways that we use Synaptica internally here at Dow Jones that might seem surprising if you think about taxonomy management tools as just that- a development and management tool for controlled vocabularies.

Beyond straightforward taxonomy and thesaurus management, which of course is the primary purpose for Synaptica, we have incorporated a number of other vocabularies and projects into to the tool and integrated them into our development and account management processes.

One way that we are using Synaptica is to manage accounts, contacts and even lists competitors. Given the ease with which one can set up uniquely designed vocabularies, it is no problem to create one dedicated to storing any of the above information and the appropriate details. Once the vocabulary has been created and populated, it is just as easy to begin to link companies and individuals to account information, notations about sales status, and even suggested projects for enhancing Synaptica.


Think outside the box Synaptica







In the same respect we utilize Synaptica to manage our ongoing projects and a general knowledge base for any issues that might be encountered by our user base. We can store a definition, the status and priority of the project, and link it to the company or individual that requested it. Using this method we can easily track every aspect of the work from start to finish. Each project assigned to a specific version release is marked using things like category labels and workflow flags to very closely monitor and track where we are with each proposed project for ongoing releases.

We are applying the tools and functionality of Synaptica in ways that may not seem immediately apparent, but given the flexibility of the application there are many ways that one can find to creatively employ the features and functionality of Synaptica. Contact us today to find out more about how you can use Synaptica to assist with your internal processes, even in ways you may not have thought possible, even outside of a box.