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Semantics in Financial Services Presentation

By January 16, 2010February 23rd, 2023Taxonomy Management

Silicon Valley Semantic Technology Group

The Silicon Valley Semantic Technology Group organized by Peter Berger is one of the meetups that I have been going to for a while and have even helped coordinate and host in the past. Recently they had what seems to be a great session about Semantics in Financial Services with David Newman who is a Senior Architect in the Enterprise Architecture group at Wells Fargo Bank (now part of Wachovia). I missed it due to the bambina, but lucky for me and for the rest of you that were not able to make it, the excellent slidedeck that David Newman used has been posted on Slideshare- see below (thanks Peter!). Based on the Slidedeck, the presentation covered:

  • The Case for Semantic Technology- Important Key Drivers, Limitations and Benefits
  • Overview of Semantic Technology – Basic Overview that hits all the most know items for business and technology folks
  • Semantic Technology Providers and Adopters –a high level list. He makes mention of Dow Jones as an adopter but forgets to mention Synaptica as a technology provider of ontology editor
  • Semantic Applications for Financial Services- I am always a sucker for ‘use-cases’ of semantic technologies in the enterprise and Newman provides two slides that outline various semantic applications for financial services which i have highlighted below
  • Recommended Semantic Technology Books and Articles


Semantic Applications

Many of the Semantic Applications that Newman points out for financial services can also be extended to other non-financial services companies but his breakdown highlights specific opportunities for financial services. Wish i had been there in person to learn more about which of these applications Newman and his team are tackling using semantic technologies: From Peter Berger’s introduction: David Newman serves as a Senior Architect in the Enterprise Architecture group at Wells Fargo Bank. He has been following semantic technology for the last 3 years; and has developed several business ontologies. He has been instrumental in thought leadership at Wells Fargo on the application of Semantic Technology and is a representative of the Financial Services Technology Consortium (FSTC)on the W3C SPARQL Working Group.D

Daniela Barbosa

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