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Your Solution Partner

Synaptica is your end-to-end solution partner. Our mission is to help you organize, categorize and discover the knowledge in your enterprise.

As well as providing robust enterprise-class software tools, we also provide a broad range of complementary professional services. Our solution team includes an international network of independent thought-leaders with expertise in: knowledge management, information architecture, UX taxonomy, ontology, Linked Data, metadata, text-analytics, categorization, natural language processing, chatbots, SharePoint and search.

Synaptica has over two decades of proven past performance supporting global corporations, government agencies and public institutions, including many extremely high-scale and complex knowledge organization needs.

We listen carefully to the individual needs of every client, and then utilize industry standards to design systems that are optimized for each client’s specific business applications and use-cases.

New industry standards are constantly emerging as technology evolves. Synaptica works closely with the standards development community and pursues an innovative research and development program. By fostering long-term partnerships with clients, we stay focused on their challenges, enabling us to develop new capabilities to help them win and maintain a leadership position in their domain.

Synaptica provides unparalleled customer support:

  • Dedicated account management
  • Direct access to development staff
  • Around the globe support with a dedicated email “hotline”
  • Continual review and consideration of enhancements generated through customer requirements

Our experience and ability to react quickly to evolving customer needs allow us to provide some of the best software support services available. We can ensure that problems, in the rare instance that they do arise, are addressed efficiently and successfully responding quickly to questions and critical issues to get you back on track.


Synaptica LLC is in place around the world with
industry leaders across the business spectrum.

Integrated Solutions

Synaptica’s partners are uniquely positioned to provide Knowledge Organization services and integrated solutions from start to finish.