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Enterprise Taxonomy Management

Enterprise Knowledge Graphs

Knowledge Organization Systems Plus Data or Metadata in the Graph

What are Enterprise Knowledge Graphs?

Enterprise Knowledge Graphs (EKGs) are graph representations of the knowledge domains of a specific enterprise. While EKGs encompass Knowledge Organization Systems (ontologies and taxonomies) they typically also contain reference data sets or enterprise data and metadata which is linked to and described by the KOS.

Bringing both knowledge organization systems and enterprise data and metadata into the same graph database enables powerful graph-based analytics and business insights to be derived from enterprise data

Enterprise Knowledge Graphs bring together two related disciplines and skill sets. Information science is used to create semantic schema and taxonomies and apply them to the description and retrieval of information resources. Data science is used to create algorithms and analytics to extract information from structured and unstructured data. Together these disciplines are synergistic with KOS enhancing analytics and analytics enriching KOS.

Combining Graphite and GraphDB

The combination of Synaptica Graphite and Ontotext GraphDB provide enterprises with an integrated suite of information science tools to create and manage enterprise controlled vocabularies, taxonomies and ontologies, and data science tools to perform data analytics and application development.

The Ontotext process model for building Enterprise Knowledge Graphs is included in the Synaptica Guide.

Enterprise knowledge graphs bring together two related disciliplines and skills sets; information science and data science.

Download the full Synaptica Guide to Developing Enterprise Ontologies, Taxonomies, and Knowledge Graphs.

This Guide covers Governance, Development, how to transition from taxonomies to ontologies and includes the Ontotext 10 step method to creating Knowledge Graphs.

Download the Synaptica Guide